About this site

I started going bald in my teens and I’ll be honest, it wrecked my life for a long time. At a time when I should have been enjoying high school and college, I was worrying about the fact that my youth was slipping away from me and I was losing my hair at a very unfortunate age. I learned a lot of lessons from the experience and in the end, I learned that I could conquer my baldness by learning to be comfortable with who I am. You don’t have to live permanently in the lens of the perceptions of others. You could move beyond it and you can flourish in a way that magazines and television shows wouldn’t have you believe.

Here is my little space on the net where I can share everything I have learned and hopefully provide some tips to those guys who are dealing with much of the same. I will never claim to be an expert or any kind of authority, but I will say this: everything I say on here comes from personal experience, and that personal experience began years ago when my hair first started thinning and I started seeing the stray hairs on my pillow and in the shower drain. I may not be an expert, but I will be honest. I have no commercial interests from this site and I certainly won’t ever try to sell you any products that promise to cure your hair loss or anything along those lines.

I hope you will stick around and check out the site. Feel free to send me any feedback in the comments and I will hopefully get back to you.


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