Boom! You all have to learn from this

You know I don’t like to lead you on. I know that going bald is not easy. Hell, it is one of the most challenging things a guy can face, especially if he finds himself in the years of his youth. That is why I found this talk from Patrick Stewart so inspiring. It is a talk that any guy who is dealing with male pattern baldness should listen to. I don’t think there is a better pairing of words that we could expect from another human being as bald guys. Without further adieu, check it out:

Ok, so what did you think? Feel free to sound off in the comments. You know that my mind is already made up. We need encouragement all the time. Regardless of where you are at with your hair or whatever other physical feature you may have doubts about. The bottom line is that we need encouragement. It’s an unfortunate fact of life that we can’t all have the best physical features or 500 girls pining after us. But hey, who wants to deal with that mess anyway. It’s much better to have to work for it. The reward is greater and you know that it is genuine. It is not by the chance of genetics, it is by the real effort of personality. This is what shines through and this is what matters. Don’t fall for any of that stuff in the magazines, this is real talk and everyone can learn from it.


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