Don’t believe the hype

riviera2 In my last post, I talked about Rogaine and the misleading nature of their advertising campaign. If you watch their commercials, you would think that their product helps you keep your hair. But actually, they only tell you part of the story. The bottom line is that they don’t have a product that will save your hair. It just strings you a long for a little bit longer and in the meantime, they make their money.

I recently read this article on the blog Young Hair Loss, which is a good resource for hair loss sufferers in general. The author talks about using a product called Nizoral, which is actually a shampoo. In the article, he describes how he was more or less tricked into thinking the product was working based on the previous commentary he had heard about the product. This same factor can have an impact when it comes to things like Rogaine as well. When we see these slick marketing campaigns, there are seeds planted in our brains that tell us “this product works.” Then, once we start using the product, we subconsciously search for evidence that it is working, despite the fact that it may be doing absolutely nothing!

These big companies are not going to tell you the truth about why you are going bald or how you can stop it. They want to keep you in the dark so that they can string you along for as long as possible. Once they’ve milked you for your money, they don’t really care whether you arrive at a solution in the end or not. I talked about this in a previous post as well. You always need to consider who has your interests in mind. If you want the facts on male pattern baldness, read this – an article from an impartial source that is not trying to make money off of you. You won’t find the same information from a company like Rogaine. They will have you believe that hair loss is a simple problem, easily resolved by applying their foam all over your scalp every day. Now, I’m sure they have their fine print somewhere, but just think about that term for a minute: fine print. There is a reason why they make those words so small.

I would welcome you to offer your own commentary in the comments, but please no flame wars and above all, no personal attacks. Comments sections on the internet are often some of the ugliest places around, so let’s keep it civilized here.


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