Thinking about who has my interest in mind


Every one of us has been programmed in one way or another to appreciate certain physical aspects of other human beings. We look at a girl and most people will either find her attractive or not. That said, there will always be people that don’t fit the norm in terms of what their perspectives are an in terms of what they find beautiful. For example, some guys are attracted to women that are considered overweight by others. This would seem to defy evolutionary logic, but it’s not like those guys are battling their subconscious to be attracted to girls of that size – they are simply attracted to them! It’s a chemical thing, and there’s not much you can do about it.

Magazines, TV and movies can also shape our predispositions. They are seen as credible sources of information and whether we think that or not on a conscious level, there is plenty going on in our subconscious. Generally, actors and actresses fit a certain physical profile and most people are striving to achieve something like that themselves. And now I am starting to get to my ultimate point.

As a bald guy, there are lots of people that think I must be sad or depressed. After all, I don’t fit the ideal physical profile of a guy my age. I don’t have much to say to these people, other than the fact I know I am not depressed and there is not really room for argument there. The thing is, while there companies like Rogaine that would love for me to be depressed enough to be reaching for a variety of hair loss treatment products, I realize that I am a unique individual and that if I am self-confident, my appearance is not an issue. I am not going to get all the ladies. I know that. But, hey, that was true even before I started going bald. Now, I find that there are random women who actually say that they are attracted to me because of my bald head. I thought this was not how it was supposed to work, but like I said earlier, not everyone fits into a neat box when it comes to their preferences for the opposite sex.

So when you see advertisements from these hair loss treatment companies, think about who really has their interest in mind. These companies are not looking out for you. They just want to make you feel bad enough about yourself that you will buy one of their products. It’s all pretty pathetic when you really think about it.


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